Our Proven Production Process

Raw Material Selection

Raw materials are stocked or ordered, depending on whether or not you have existing production inventory.


Printed Packaging

Guardsman Global has an incredible supply chain to fill in the gaps of any component you need to start production—inexpensively.

Some of our clients have stock inventory; some of our clients prefer to order through us—it depends on your existing inventory, sourcing expertise, and project scope.

Wipe Manufacturing

This is the fun part. You’re able to adjust production quantities & project breakdown up to 6 weeks before delivery.

Production Standards

Even though we’re a disinfecting wipe manufacturer, we operate above the ISO-12385 standards for medical devices. We offer traceability, testing, and record keeping above cGMP standards—by default.

Material Intake & Specification Assurance

Any materials that enter or exit our warehouse is vetted through a comprehensive process. In-process & final product inspections are made to ensure your specifications are met at-scale. Every single product is reviewed by our quality control team before it comes off the production line.

Proof of Work & Records Keeping

A random selection of product is pulled from each batch & stored until six months after the expiration date for records & future testing (if needed).

Transparent Operations

Facility Visits

Our facility is open to visits within 24 hours notice so you can review our equipment, processes, and employee working conditions for yourself.

Inventory Awareness

We obsessively track every component & completed product we have in stock, so you know if anything needs to be reordered for production or distribution.

Warehousing & Dropshipping

Store finished product in our warehouses or dropship to distribution centers.