100% American Nonwoven Contract Manufacturing

Guardsman Global is dedicated to providing a domestic contract or toll manufacturing solution to disinfecting wipe brands across the country.

State of the Art Manufacturing Equipment

We’re able to seamlessly switch our wipe sizes from 6 to 12 inches in length and 6 to 15 inches in width—and any custom size in between.

Our non-woven intake roll is able to feed the machine wipe substrates up to 150gsm (which is about the thickness of 60# cover paper). 

Because we have total control over the manufacturing process, our we’re able to wet or dry wipes, in-line quality control checks, and custom reseal applications—all without extensive downtime.

Private Labeling

No one knows your brand like you & your team.

That’s why we’ve hired seasoned pros from the promotional marketing industry to create the easiest process to custom branding.

All of our products receive complete private labeling & customization, and with our production experience, you’ll have the confidence of getting what you’re expecting.


A lot of our clients want to get their shipments straight to the retail distribution centers, but don’t want their manufacturer’s contact info on the boxes.

Not a problem! We’ll blindship the boxes so they appear as if they’re coming from your warehouse.